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BetaPad is a text editor for Microsoft Windows 9x/NT/X, developed by Secure_ICT, _Kurt, RazerM and Ba-La (AutoIT Community) which started in 2006.

Completely Open-Source so that developers can help along.

Some of its key features include:

* Text to Speech
* Encrypt & Decrypt text
* Find and Replace
* Google and Yahoo search
* Spell Checking
* Reverse Text
* Menu colours
* Change the font
* Save the font in a *.btp file

BetaPad was programmed in pure AutoIT V3 Beta. The aim of BetaPad is to make even the newest users a complete text editor, which could suit there more n00bish needs. It was also to fully replace notepad and keep all of its features.


Latest News

We have two new team members working on BetaPad with us. They are, RazerM and Ba-La. RazerM is working on a new ActiveX component, allowing RTF controls. And Ba-La is working on some features that are remaining secret.


We are now working on VE3.0 which will allow some great new features:

A message from the Admin's

Hello and welcome to our website. We hope you enjoy your visit here, and that you download BetaPad and try it out.
We are happy with you to post your comments and suggestions on the contact page.


BetaPad is programmed in AutoIT V3 and requires Beta to run correctly.

We suggest using SCiTE as the editor to use.